Aquaguard Select Water Purifier

Importance of Zinc In New Normal

The world today has become more cautious about health. People are now inclined towards consuming micro-nutrients to stay healthy.
Zinc is one such micro-nutrient and with the dedicated efforts of Our Experienced Scientists, you can now get the goodness of Zinc in your water.

Aquaguard, the world leader in water purification has once again showcased its superiority by giving you a upgrade with an advanced Zinc Booster. So enjoy pure, healthy drinking water that has the Double Goodness of Copper and Zinc.

*Copper and Zinc Infusion in adherence to IS 10500:2012 drinking water specifications (Acceptable limit). #Patent No. 332771.

complete safety with BIS APPROVED LEVELS

*Copper and Zinc Infusion in adherence to IS 10500:2012 drinking water specifications (Acceptable limit). #Patent No. 332771.
A GLASS OF WATER beneficial for all AGE GROUPS!  copper and Zinc Infusion Ensures that Copper and Zinc is infused in the right amount in the water.

The Aquaguard Advantages

Trust of over 15 million mothers**
Owned by over 1.62 lakh doctors
Service within 5 km range of wherever you are
Tested and certified by over 135 leading national and international laboratories
*Aquaguard® Select is a sub-brand of mother brand Aquaguard® hence the attributes of the mother brand are applicable.
**As per SuperBrand / Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award


Aquaguard Active Copper Zinc Booster water purifier Cartridge infuses Copper and Zinc ions into the water to give the purest and healthiest drinking water for your family! When water passes through the cartridge, zinc and copper elutes along with it.

Yes, as per IS10500 drinking water specifications the leeching happens in safe proportions

The Aquaguard Active Copper Zinc Booster water purifier cartridge has carbon media loaded with copper and Zinc. As water passes through the cartridge it enhances the taste of the water and increases the level of essential minerals with add-on goodness of copper and zinc along with calcium and magnesium

The Copper and Zinc ionic infusion is as per drinking water specifications IS10500 and safe for consumption of all age groups including children

No adverse effects are observed with purified water as this is safe for consumption as per BIS Standards. Zinc and copper combination infusion in water is in balanced proportion

Start your day with glass of Copper and Zinc water, drink during workout/exercise or sip this water throughout the day anytime as per your convenience.

Person of all age group can consume this water as it is safe as per BIS standard for consumption

The new Patented Active copper and Zinc booster technology works across input TDS of up to 2000 mg/litre in RO based Aquaguard water purifier variants.

The cartridge is designed to give the Goodness of Copper and Zinc water up to 6000 litres# of life under standard test conditions.

No, the cartridge isnít available for individual sales as spares. This is configured in the product itself for usage.

We are yet to launch the exchange plan. You may share your contact details and we'll let you know once this is available.